Michelle Carla Handel

You Left Me this Way, 2011

Wood, polyester fiberfill, muslin, knit fabric, silicone rubber, urethane rubber
28 x 24 x 92 inches

Conundrum, 2011

Plaster, vinyl, polyester fiberfill, muslin, pvc, silicone rubber, urethane rubber
24 x 36 x 96 inches

Trouble Feeling My Feelings, 2011

Vinyl, polyester fiberfill, fabric
36 x 60 x 36 inches

Love Me Anyway, 2011

Wood, knit fabric, polyester fiberfill, silicone rubber, urethane rubber
20 x 20 x 66 inches

What to Wear, 2011

Knit cotton, silicone rubber, stainless steel clips, cotton rope, wood, fabric, polyester fiberfill

Exaptation, 2011

Plaster, wire mesh, latex paint, nylon fabric, silicone rubber
36 x 108 x 48 inches

Gumhead, 2011

Knit acrylic fabric, polyester fiberfill, cotton fabric, urethane rubber, silicone rubber, wood stool

Rogue Dangler, 2011

Polyurethane foam, nylon hose, cotton rope, silicone rubber, wood

Drop Curl, 2011

Urethane, nylon, fiberfilll, epoxy clay, wood, acrylic paint

Vestigial Slump, 2011

Knit wool, polyester fiberfilll, cotton rope, silicone rubber, wood stool

Sweet Distention, 2010

Plaster gauze, gauze, silicone rubber, wood

I Think We Might Have a Use for This I, 2010 and I Think We Might Have a Use for This II & III, 2011

Cast urethane plastic

Extraction, 2011

Plaster, wire, fabric, urethane rubber, wood
18 x 20 inches

Private Dancer, 2011

Plaster, plaster gauze, acrylic paint, acrylic gel, knit fabric, muslin, urethane rubber, wood